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Why Black Flight Matters

My third grader recently completed a biography project at school. Students were tasked with identifying a historical figure, learning about their contributions to our society, and then writing about them. The unit culminated with a Biography Day: a gallery of live commentary about many people we kno...
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Why Play Matters

Post by Eboni Walker, 25 March 2022 Meet Bashira. This feisty five-year old is the little sister of one of my son’s soccer teammates. And while her big brother scores goals on the field with The 18th Ward Sports Club, she often hangs out along the sidelines making her own fun. Last weekend, she we...
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Why A Diverse Teaching Force Matters

Post by Eboni Walker, 24 February 2022 When I returned to teaching after Hurricane Katrina, I found myself in a new community in Montgomery County, Maryland. I recall meeting with a recruitment staff member at the county, and being offered a variety of schools to choose from. Though the school distr...
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