Why Higher Education Matters - Learning Matters by Eboni N. Walker, M.Ed
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Why Higher Education Matters

My parents are turning 75 years old this year, and they were both the first in their families to graduate from college. They matriculated through higher education institutions in the

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Why Teachers Matter

Post by Derrick Toups, 3 May 2021 This school year has been extremely challenging for teachers, whether they have been teaching virtually or in-person. Many parents that I know are

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Why Color Matters

Post by Eboni N. Walker, 19 February 2021 As an early childhood educator I participate in professional learning opportunities exploring race, implicit bias, and child development. During one such experience,

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Why Gratitude Matters

Post by Eboni Walker, 20 December 2021 My eight-year-old son recently fractured his ankle while playing at school.  Just like that, in the middle of the soccer and baseball season,

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Why Pets Matter

Post by Youth Contributor, Jasmine F., 21 October 2021 In January 2021 we were all going crazy from quarantine, so my family and I adopted a cat.  We got Rocky

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Why Resilience Matters

Post by Eboni N. Walker, 27 September 2021 It’s been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Ida hit Southeast Louisiana.  Ida arrived on August 29, the exact anniversary date of Hurricane

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Why Friendship Matters

Blog Post by Eboni N. Walker, 21 August 2021 Think back to your very first childhood friend.  Who were they?  Where did you meet them?  One of my very first

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