Because Learning Takes Practice, Let’s Do it Together!

Reflect. Adapt. Improve. LEARN.

Learning happens in places that are safe and warm, where children feel welcome, teachers feel supported, and families are included in their child’s development.

High quality environments matter for learning to take place. Learning environments include not only the physical space and materials, but also the organizational structures and processes leaders establish, implement, and maintain to ensure a culture of growth permeates throughout the setting.

These are all learning matters.

Hi! I'm Eboni Walker

I’ve spent my career in service to providing high-quality education for young children.

As a former early childhood administrator and educator, I have worked with teachers, children, and families from a variety of backgrounds and understand the impact of relationships, place, and resiliency in the pursuit of equitable educational opportunity.

Whether you need guidance on how to start a new program or how to enhance your leadership practices

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